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One of the most valuable things an online business owner can do is have mailing list. Mailing lists provide you direct access to your customers and is an owned distribution source that has stayed relatively consistent since the late 90s.

Download your Etsy customer emails and start doing email marketing.

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While mailing lists are incredibly valuable to your business, Etsy doesn’t provide an easy way to grow a mailing list with people who are viewing your shop.

So we built the Mailing List Builder feature which allows you to build a simple, responsive, one page website that gives you a unique url to have people join your mailing list from. View an example of Graphic Finder’s Mailing List Page below.

Etsy Mailing List Builder

These mailing list builders create higher conversion rates for your shop by getting people who are on the fence to make purchases. Incentivizing them with a first time buyers coupon code is an effective way to lower your customer acquisition cost.

I wanted to make my Etsy listings work People are looking at your items but not buying? Here’s a simple hack to get more sales for your etsy shop. You need to create an offer they can’t refuse.

Once of the best strategies is to use a discount code that they get for their first order on Etsy shop.

How to build an Etsy Mailing List Landing Page

Included in every Marketsy account is the mail list builder feature. This feature makes it crazy easy to build a mailing list form page for Etsy customers.

With the mailing list landing page builder you can:

  • Add a customer logo
  • Write custom header and paragraph copy
  • Collect the email and name of a subscriber

Building this landing page is super easy to do. Just go to the mailing list page when you’re logged into your Marketsy account and complete the setup.

First, add your shop name to the page builder. This will automatically generate a custom public link based on your shop name.

This public URL is what you will add to your Etsy product descriptions (tutorial with further details below).

Next, you’ll upload your shop logo to the page builder. You can just download your logo directly from Etsy and upload it. We use the same dimensions that your Etsy shop does.

Finally, write your header, description and confirmation for your mailing list landing page. The confirmation is what your new mailing list subscriber will see after they join your mailing list. It is loaded immediately after they submit the form.

How to bulk add the mailing list url to all listings

If you have hundreds or even thousand of listings, manually going through each and adding your unique landing page URL will be an absolutely pain 🤬

Etsy has a bulk edit description feature that allows for you to add text to the top of every listing description. This makes it crazy easy to add your new mailing list URL to your landing pages.

Here’s how to do it.

Go to your shops listings page.

Select all your listings.


Click Editing options > Edit descriptions
You then can add your call to action and mailing list link to all your listings.
You can also add photos to your listings as well that has a call to action to go to the link in description.

Can you start a mailing list on Etsy

Yes. It is a commonly held belief that Etsy sellers can’t email their customer and this is false. Etsy’s TOS only states that spamming customers is illegal without them opting in.

There are two ways you can get them to opt in:

  • By having it in your shops TOS that when you purchase from you, they agree to joining your mailing list
  • By having a newsletter optin form like the Marketsy Mailing List Builder

Here is a quote from Etsy about email marketing:

“You can ask members to join an offsite mailing list on your public shop page and during the order process. If you do that, just make sure members need to opt in to it and have the ability to opt out of it later.” – Etsy Insights: Extending your reach through email newsletters

“Don’t communicate: Too much. Sending too many Convos, emails, promotions or reminders might be perceived as a nuisance to your buyer. Be careful to strike a balance when sending messages.” – Dos and Don’ts of Communicating With Etsy Customers

“Messages may not be used for the following activities: Sending unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations, or spam.” – Etsy Seller Policy

Further, here are two articles from the Etsy seller handbook describing how to employ email marketing for your shop.

To conclude and reiterate, you can email your Etsy customers but you can’t spam them. If they are opted into your list through buying from you our deliberately joining your mailing list you can run email campaigns to them.