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With over 39.4 active million buyers worldwide, Etsy is, without a doubt, a great platform to promote your unique products, vintage pieces, and handmade items. However, Etsy’s features leave a lot to be desired. The main complaint that shop owners have is that the platform doesn’t incorporate email marketing and this definitely has a big impact on sales as email is still a great option. Pulling out customers’ emails is also against Etsy’s policy, which complicates things even more. 

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Luckily, there is a way to go around this by using Marketsy, a chrome extension that helps you gather your customer’s emails and gives you the chance to tap into the potential of email marketing.

What Is Marketsy?

Marketsy is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to get your customers’ emails. You can use it to export your customers’ data from Etsy, store it, and import it to other platforms you are using including Shopify and Mailchimp. This app can save you a lot of precious time as exporting emails manually is a daunting task that can take hours. Marketsy exports emails in just a few clicks so you can start your email marketing game as soon as possible. 


Marketsy is helpful for both beginners and advanced sellers. On one hand, beginner sellers can use it to start emailing their first customers. This is important because nurturing communication with your customers is what will keep them coming back to your store. On the other hand, Marketsy is particularly popular among big sellers that get thousands of orders each month since, by using Marketsy, they avoid pulling every email manually. The software automatically stores all customer email addresses from the orders page.

Does Etsy Have a Bulk Customer Email Export?

No, Etsy doesn’t provide shop owners with a bulk customer export option. To get all your customers’ emails, you’ll need to download Etsy data manually for all your past and future sales. This is precisely what stops many Etsy sellers from developing solid email marketing techniques. It’s quite understandable; the process is too long and boring and most sellers would rather focus on their items than spending their time clicking on each and every email in their order pages.


However, this is not a wise business decision because you can not ignore a tool as valuable as email marketing as a small business owner. Sure likes, shares, and comments are very important, but don’t underestimate the power of some good email content. In fact, the latest stats show that email marketing is still the main driver of customer retention and acquisition for both small and midsize businesses. Keep in mind that email should not be a side project in your marketing strategy – it should be its main focus.

Why Is Email Marketing Important for Etsy Sellers?

The latest stats show that email marketing continues to be one of the most valuable tools for connecting with customers and nurturing long-lasting relationships. What’s more, data shows that email marketing has the highest return on investment for small businesses. We should also not ignore the fact that email marketing is a very affordable marketing tactic with stats showing that email has an average return on investment of 42$ for every one dollar spent.


These figures shouldn’t be ignored by Etsy sellers – they should leverage the potential of all past and future interactions with their clients as sellers on other marketplaces do. And it’s precisely in this area that email marketing shines, as it can be a powerful tool for cultivating communication with a client that has already shown interest in your products and who is likely to be interested in your latest items, discounts, and promotions. 


So, use Marketsy to build your email list immediately and start nurturing a connection with your client by treating them to valuable and informative content.