First off, Etsy doesn’t include emails in their built in customer export csv. But don’t worry, there are a few different ways to download your Etsy customer emails. We provided a list below on how to download Etsy customer emails.

  1. Marketsy
  2. Email extractor from HTML
  3. One-by-one

Each require their own amount of resources.

Marketsy is a software and is the fastest option. It helps you download Etsy customer emails and related order data, store that data, and prepare it for import into other tools like Shopify.

Email extracting from HTML is the takes more time than Marketsy, but you can do it for free. None of your data will be stored and there is a lot of copying and pasting. We have a free email extractor tool for you to use below with a tutorial on how to find the right HTML from your Etsy shop orders pages.

The slowest is one-by-one, and we highly suggest not doing this unless you a lot of free time.

How to Download Etsy Customer Emails with Marketsy

  1. Sign up for Marketsy at the following link – Marketsy Sign Up | You can compare pricing and related features here.
  2. Install the Marketsy chrome extension at the following link (must be on chrome browser) – Marketsy Chrome Extension
  3. Log in on the chrome extension
  4. Go to your Etsy order pages
  5. Click the refresh button to save customer emails
  6. Go to the next page and repeat

How to Download Etsy Customer Emails from Shop HTML

Go to your order page, right click and then click inspect.

How to Download Etsy Customer Emails from Shop HTML etsy marketer

Find the second “body” tag, click on it to highlight and then click command c to copy that HTML.

How to Download Etsy Customer Emails from Shop HTML etsy marketer 1

Paste that body code you just copied in the left box below.

If you did it right it will look like this.

How to Download Etsy Customer Emails from Shop HTML etsy marketer 2

Copy and paste your customer emails into a spreadsheet and then repeat the above process for every page.

On average, Marketsy speeds up this process by 4x. It takes about 2 clicks to get one page with Marketsy and 8 clicks this way.

How to Download Etsy Customer Emails from One-by-One

This is the most time consuming and I strongly advise against it unless you have large amounts of free time, which if you’re an Etsy seller you should be focusing that time on getting more sales.

One-by-one is straight forward. You go to the orders page, click on the customers name, and then copy and paste their email into a spreadsheet.

Please, don’t do this. Use one of the methods above.