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Why is email still relevant amidst all the variety of social media platforms that are continually on the rise today? It allows you to send a direct message to customers and build a more personalized relationship with them. Email marketing can help Etsy sellers foster an ongoing relationship with customers, enhance communication, and ultimately increase sales. 

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However, downloading customer emails is complicated on Etsy and that’s why many sellers decide to promote their items solely on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. While these are very powerful platforms for increasing visibility, email marketing still remains one of the most affordable tools for nurturing communication with customers. 


In this article, we’ll show you a couple of tricks that you can use to build a solid email list quickly.


Before we explain the ways in which you can get a hold of your customer emails, let’s answer an important question that seems to be a hot topic for debate among Etsy shop owners:

Why Can’t I Pull Email Addresses from Etsy?

Sellers can’t get their customers’ emails from Etsy because the platform doesn’t integrate a bulk customer email export option. The platform suggests that Etsy sellers can send emails only to those customers that have signed up for your newsletter, but as we all know, only a small portion of customers subscribe to newsletters. In the next segment, we’ll explain to you how to get your Etsy customer emails as email marketing is one of the most impactful marketing channels that can largely influence traffic and sales.


This technique is known among sellers as the most tedious. Why? Because it’s just too time-consuming to pull every customer’s email manually. This can only function if you are just starting out and are getting a small number of orders. If you’re a big seller that has to arrange hundreds of orders every month, manually picking each and every email from your orders page is, to put it simply, a nightmare. That being said, this technique can still help you build your email list. Here’s how to do it:


  • Go to your completed order page.
  • Right-click anywhere on the website. Now, you’ll be able to inspect the HTML on the page.
  • Copy the HTML copy of the page and paste the code into this email extractor software.
  • Now you’ve got one customer email. Unfortunately, you’ll need to repeat these steps on all order pages.

Copy Paste HTML Code Into Email Extractor

This is yet another method you can use to pick your customers’ emails manually. This one is more effective than the first one because you can pull up to 35 emails per order page.


  • Open your Etsy Dashboard and click on the Etsy Shop Manager.
  • Open the Orders & Shipping tab and select Completed.
  • Right-click anywhere on the webpage.
  • Click on the Inspect option.
  • Now, you’ll be able to see an Inspect Elements window on your screen. Next, press command+f and search for body.
  • Open this and paste the body tag in it. Press extract
  • The email extractor will generate a list of 35 emails per page.
  • Open a Google Sheet document. Copy and paste all emails in the document. 
  • Don’t forget to delete the semicolon at the end of all email addresses.
  • Now, you got 35 emails.
  • If you need to pull out another batch of 35 emails, repeat the steps.



If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to collect your customers’ emails, then this is it! Marketsy is a popular Google Chrome extension that allows you to pull out all your customers’ emails in just a few clicks. This is an affordable option that will save you a lot of precious time. Plus, you can use the emails that you’ve pulled out from Marketsy for email marketing on other platforms.


Follow these steps, if you want to use Marketsy to get your customers’ emails:

  • Access your Etsy Shop Manager. 
  • Locate the shop orders pages from which you want to download your emails.
  • Now, open Marketsy. Click on the trashcan button to reload the page.
  • Once the page is reloaded, click on refresh (circle arrow button). Now, you’ll get an email count update.
  • Next, go to the next shop order page and click again on refresh (circle arrow button).
  • Click on the save button. A CSV file will be downloaded to your computer. Inside you’ll find all your customers’ emails.
  • Redo the steps above for all the shop orders pages on Etsy from which you want to pull your customers’ emails. Once you’re finished, you can download all your emails.