How to Get Etsy Customer Emails

With over 81.9 million active buyers, Etsy is one of the best e-commerce sites for small and middle-sized businesses. Unlike most marketplaces, Etsy has a unique selling point: this is a platform for lovers of unique and rare items, and customers visit this platform to discover extraordinary items for their homes, pets, friends, and family. The platform reached its peak in popularity in 2020, as stats show, and this is when Etsy had gone from 2.6 million to 4.3 million sellers in just one year. 

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However, Etsy’s major success doesn’t seem to be of much use to sellers as the platform features still leave a lot to be desired. Marketing plays an important role—some would say an essential role for online stores—and this is where the platform fails its users. Why? It doesn’t integrate powerful email marketing features so most sellers rely on social media platforms for product promotion. 

But, what most sellers don’t know is that there’s a way around this daunting rule and sellers can get their customers’ emails quite easily with the help of some useful tips or by using Google Chrome extensions.

Why Can’t I Pull Email Addresses from Etsy?

Sellers can’t get their customers’ emails from Etsy because the platform doesn’t integrate a bulk customer email export option. The platform suggests that Etsy sellers can send emails only to those customers that have signed up for your newsletter, but as we all know, only a small portion of customers subscribe to newsletters. In the next segment, we’ll explain to you how to get your Etsy customer emails, as email marketing is one of the most impactful marketing channels that can largely influence traffic and sales.


This is a basic technique for pulling out Etsy customers’ emails. Sellers need to go to each order page and download every email manually. We do not recommend this method as you’ll spend hours clicking on every email to get all your customers’ emails. If you’re a big shot on Etsy and have thousands of loyal customers, the situation will get even worse. However, if you’re a small business owner with just a few clients, you can use this technique temporarily to establish or retain communication with your clients. 


If you want to try out this technique, follow these steps:


  • Go to your completed order page from which you want to pull out an email.
  • Press right-click on the website and inspect the HTML on the page.
  • Next, copy the HTML copy of the page and paste the code into this email extractor software.
  • Now, you’ve got one customer email. 
  • You’ll need to repeat these steps for each and every order page.

Copy Pasting HTML Into Email Extractor

Etsy sellers can also use an email extractor to download up to 35 emails. This technique has a couple of steps and is also quite time-consuming, but it’s much more effective than the previous one. 


Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your Etsy Shop Manager and find the Orders & Shipping tab.
  • Open the tab and select Completed.
  • Right-click anywhere on the webpage. Now, click on the Inspect option.
  • You’ll see an Inspect Elements window on your screen. Now, press command+f and search for body.
  • Open the and paste the body tag in it.
  • Press extract
  • Once you press extract, the email extractor will generate a list of 35 emails per page.
  • Next, open a Google Sheet document in which you’ll copy and paste all emails.
  • Remember to delete the semi-colon from the end of all email addresses.
  • To collect another 35 emails, repeat all the steps above.


The best way to collect your customers’ emails is to use a Google extension such as Marketsy. This is an affordable and easy-to-use extension that will allow you to pull out all your customers’ emails in just a few seconds. This will save you a lot of precious time and you’ll collect your customers’ names along with their order data, which can help you send personalized emails. 


The basic plan costs $29 a month and gives you access to an Etsy email downloader, one-click automated data, and customer support. If you want to collect all data about your orders including names, order value, and products ordered, go for the Platinum plan which costs $99 a month. This is a great price for big sellers that make thousands of orders considering the fact that email marketing is very profitable for online stores.


Using Marketsy is very easy. Here’s how to do it:


  • Access your Etsy Shop Manager. 
  • Find the shop orders pages from which you want to download customers’ emails.
  • Open Marketsy and click the trashcan button to reload the page.
  • Once the page is reloaded, click on refresh (circle arrow button). Marketsy will download an email count update.
  • Next, go to the shop order page and click again on refresh (circle arrow button).
  • Finally, click the save button.
  • A CSV file containing all your customers’ emails, names, and order details will be downloaded to your computer. 
  • Repeat these steps above to collect emails from new orders.